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I know my last post was about pinching my pennies, but I’m seriously considering booking a vacation. I haven’t had a proper one all year. I did have a week off in February when Airport Guy came to visit me, however, we spent that mostly on the go, so it wasn’t exactly restful. And the demands of the job plus the stress of dealing with the house purchase makes me just want to leave it all behind and head to someplace warm for a week of genuine relaxation. However, deep down I know I really can’t afford to do that […]

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Pinching My Pennies

As the close date on the house draws near, the financial impact on my bank balance is causing my anxiety level to increase. Now I have the funds in hand to pay deposit, stamp duty, legal fees, bank fees and even purchase a few new appliances. However, once those monies are withdrawn, the amount of liquid assets available will be somewhat limited. I won’t starve or anything but the next few months are going to be really tight while I work on rebuilding my emergency fund. Heck, I might even have to start bringing my lunch to work. Goodness! This […]

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Finally Making Progress

Good news! I finally have the property report and other assorted documents from my lawyer for the house I’m trying to purchase. Plan is to promtly returned the signed contract for processing — so God willing, I should be in the property in a matter of weeks. Yeah me!

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Damn Lawyers

In an effort to move the house sale along, I have taken to calling my lawyer each day. Yesterday I phone him twice. He returned the call and then proceeded to preference the conversation by saying it’s a courtesy call as he has nothing new to report. I wanted to yell and scream obscenities down the phone but I reframed from doing so as I still need his help to close the sale. That said, I really just don’t understand why the process of purchasing a property in the UK needs to take 3-4 months once an offer has been […]

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Thumps Up to the NHS

A recent health scare which I am not yet willing to write/talk about in detail reminds me that no man woman is an island. I need to surround myself with family and friends in order to thrive and prosper. But being an expat here in London, the quest to develop genuine friendships continues to be a challenge. But I can only blame myself for lack of progress. Since March I got caught up in the house search and basically stopped socializing. Now that I’ve found the house, I’m waiting to close so I can pick things up again. This almost […]

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