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Good News!

Finally. I am in possession of the keys for house I purchased in Bromley, Kent. Now the process begins to make it a home.

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Provided there are no further hiccups, I get the keys to my new home next Monday, 10th September. Yeah me!

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Breaking Point

I reached breaking point yesterday on the house purchase. Why? Well it has been 91 days since my offer on the house was accepted and the seller advised that instead of exchanging contracts and completing as planned next Monday (3rd September), they would need another month in the property. This didn’t go down well at all. In fact, I went ballistic and used words unbecoming a lady to both the estate agent and my attorney. And after taking the night to calm down, I called the estate agent back today and advised that if the sellers were not prepared to […]

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A Man is not a plan

Since I moved to London, I have not been as aggressive with my retirement savings as I would like to as things are just bloody expensive over here. However, I do have a few long term objectives in mind and so after I manage to sort out my housing situation, I’m going to consider taking the following class: Six Steps to Financial Freedom – Because a man is not a plan. The class is being run by a former boss and while I think I am already pretty money savvy, I am sure there are a few things I could […]

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The Saga Continues

I have not yet exchanged on the property in Bromley that I am trying to purchase. And so frustrated I am with the process that I have given my lawyer two weeks to sort the matter out. Specifically, I am looking for him to lock down an exchange date by the 2nd of September. If we can’t come to an agreement with the seller, then I will have to consider exercising my option to walk away from this purchase. This purchase has dragged on long enough. As a first time buyer with my finances in places, the process was supposed […]

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