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Finding the Perfect Wardrobe

Dark stain mahogany style furniture is out of vogue here in England. How else to explain that after two months of searching at the various high street furniture and antique shops I have yet to find a suitable wardrobe to match my existing furniture. Almost all furniture is in a light stain and to make matters worst, a lot of it is flat pack furniture (think IKEA) which for me is an absolute NO NO! I need something that is going to stand the test of time. So now searching via eBay. Hopefully, I’ll be able to source something in […]

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The Bombay Company

The Bombay Company my favorite store for Christmas ornaments and other assorted nick-knacks, discontinued their online operations. And further research indicates that they have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and are closing all stores after the holiday season. This is almost tempting me to get on a plane to the US to pick up a few more holidays treasures. However, the sensible me knows that I need to stay away from all stores to avoid negative cash flow. So major bummer on their retail website going down. Guess I’ll have to go seek online retail porn elsewhere.

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Home Sweet Home

My aunt’s good friend who I stayed with for nearly five months tells me that now that I am on the property ladder, I will become more attractive to men. Thus I need to be mindful of those who might be a bit too eager once they find out I am a home owner. Not sure I agree with her jaded view, but I suppose time will tell. In any event, here are some photos taken of my new home sweet home.

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I’m back

Hello everyone! Did you miss me? Probably not! But I missed you. Well most of you anyway. I am posting again as thanks to Sky, I finally have Internet access at home. I could have posted from work these last few weeks, but I have been extremely busy. So here I am now. Ready to start blogging again. Hopefully on a regular basis but I make no promises. It is difficult at times to resume habits once the routine has been broken. It is also difficult to drop habits that you know may not be in your best interest. Case […]

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Mine, All Mine

Well at least 10% anyway. The bank owns the rest. But hey, who’se keeping track. It’s just lovely.

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