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Property Porn

To keep things interesting on my daily walks throughout Bromley, I vary my route and make sure that my iPod is loaded with a good selection of music and podcasts. I also make sure that my iPhone is fully changed as I often stop to take pictures […]

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Passion Fruit

The people who owned my house many moons ago were devoted gardeners. And as such, they planted a number of flowers, fruit trees and other assorted plants. Each year when the flowers bloom and there are fruits on the trees, I’m completely amazed as I really don’t […]

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Fermob Louisiane Bench

I am lusting after the fermob garden bench below. It would just look lovely under the cherry tree at the bottom of my garden. However, I can’t bring myself to purchase it as I already own a fermob bistro table and 4 chairs and this really is […]

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Prunus Avium

Its official, I have gone suburban. During the week I commute to inner London and return to my home in one of the outer boroughs. Then on the weekends, while I know fun activities beckon back in the city, I couldn’t be bothered to make the trek […]

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Crappy Customer Service

You get into bed with the devil and you know you are going to get screwed — and not necessarily in a good way. Case in point, I decided to go with Sky instead for Virgin for cable services since they have more channels with American programming. […]

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