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My Diet Personality Summary

I am once again staring into the mirror and not sure who the person is staring back at me. It is particularly frustrating because I really don’t over-eat. I don’t have bags of cookies or sweets in the food pantry. I just make really bad food choices. For example, instead of a nice salad, I’ll want to have a burger with fries. I know this is just another excuse of sort, but its true and I’m feeling somewhat frustrated as I would really like to get rid of weight I’ve gained since moving to London. I was actually doing quiet […]

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Chicago Dentists

Reading the article below reminds me that I need to invest some time into finding a good dentist in London. Having spent a small fortune on my mouth in the last couple of years, I really can’t afford to let my dental care slide. Btw, if you are in Chicago and looking for a dentist, consider: Kenneth C. Szurgot, D.D.S. @ Lincoln Park Columbus Dental Associates, 2551 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60614, (773) 348-7008. He does fabulous work! While I’m in the dental referral mindframe, would also recommend, Dr. Robert M Perrie, 2835 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago, IL 60657, […]

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Dark Thoughts

Yesterday I wrote what can best be described as a pity me post which I almost immediately unpublished. I wrote the post as I was feeling really emotional. Mainly because I haven’t had a proper nights sleep since last Monday and my diet has been reduced to 90% liquid since the excessive coughing ultimately ends up with me pewking my guts out. So I was feeling really irritable and a bit sorry for myself. I was also feeling lonely and perhaps a bit worried that I might end up like 40 year old Joyce Vincent, a London woman who was […]

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Raw Honesty

It’s tough to be brave all the time. Especially when most people think you’ve got your shit together and really, all you feel is loneliness inside – no matter how many people you surround yourself with. You wonder why, despite all that you have accomplished, you always feel so unfulfilled. Why, everyone you have ever loved always leaves you. Why you have to be so damn hard on yourself. If anyone will ever truly love you for all that you currently are and could be. Or whether you will always be lonely and never anyone’s wife or mother. You wonder […]

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Being Sick Sucks – Big Time.

What’s worst than coughing so hard that you feel like your ribs are going to crack? Well, coughing so hard that you feel it in your uterus. Truth be told, I almost feel like I’m trying to push something out. Thankfully there is nothing down there, but it still hurts like hell. As such, bronchitis, acute or not is a bitch!

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