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The Diagnois

Saw my doctor earlier today and it’s still unclear what type of headaches I’m experiencing. Based on symptoms it could either be sinus or muscular tension headaches. So she wrote a prescription to treat both. I’m not really a big fan of medication per se, but these headaches are so intense at times, that I’m really looking toward to some relief. Also, to be on the safe side, I’m getting an MRA/MRI done next Monday. It sucks I have to wait that long to get it done, as I’ll have to wait a few more days to get the results, […]

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For borderline hypochondriacs like myself, the Internet is a blessing and a curse. At the slightest discomfort, we search various medical sites like WebMD trying to self diagnosis. This is not the smartest thing in the world since I’m usually way off base about what’s wrong and this leads to unnecessary worry and stress, but it hasn’t stopped me from searching. I haven’t really done that with this constant headache/migraine thing, because I just assumed it was work related. But, I’m starting to get worried. I’ve never had a headache last for such a long period of time. I do […]

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An Uncontrollable Tongue

I have a fat lip. Really, the whole right side of my face is bloated and I can’t feel anything. This is what I get for going to the dentist. Well I really didn’t have a choice. The filling from a tooth cracked and so it needed to be replaced. But instead of just removing the old filling and replacing with new, I needed to get a crown which was 3 times more costly. In any event, while getting my mouth ready to replace the temporary with the permanent crown, I needed to be injected three different times. I kept […]

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Allergic To Work

Everything checks out. I went and saw my doctor who is affiliated with Northwestern Memorial Hospital. After spending yet another weekend with sniffles, I knew I would need to be seen again by doctor to have some peace of mind. Particularly since my cough was so deep and starting to hurt my ribs. She listened to my lungs and nothing sounded unusual. Just to be certain, I insisted on getting a chess X-Ray done. Everything came back clean. Same for the blood sample that was drawn during my annual physical two weeks ago and tested by Laboratory Corporation of America. […]

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Day In Bed

I spent most of Sunday in bed. I only left the apartment for half an hour to get some much-needed cough medicine. I spent most of day watching the History Channel. So the day was not completely wasted.

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