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Selfridges & Company

Ok, London may not have the most festive holiday window decorations, but I’ve totally fallen in like with Selfridges Department Store. It’s my new Nordstrom, Williams-Sonoma, Borders and then some all rolled into one. As such, once I reach the point where I stop converting the price back to $$$ (which then means everything is almost 2X what it will cost in the US), I can definitely see this place becoming my go to store. I got such a buzz in the place that I almost got seduced into buying a pair of Jimmy Choo boots — and this says […]

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I would like to install a wi-fi router/Card on my laptop so that I do not have to be tied to the location of the modem in my apartment. Does anyone have any recommendations on wi-fi products? I’m totally cluess here.

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Internet Scrabble

Let me introduce you to my new favorite pastime — Internet Scrabble. Oh yeah!! I have played about 30 games live online so far with people from all over the world and I am oh so loving it.

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Dell Rocks

If I’ve ever said anything bad about Dell Computers before, I take it all back. Last Monday I woke up to find that my printer didn’t work. I called Dell customer service to have them trouble shoot and initially got the run around since it was a Lexmark printer. However, I got pretty persistent that they needed to help me as when I purchased the printer two years ago (along with a laptop); I also purchased a service agreement. So they were obligated to fix it. After two and a half hours of holding and being transferred all over, I […]

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Lowercase Tees

If I had a child, I’d buy them one of these t-shirts.

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