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iPod Etiquette

The number one reason for carrying my iPod is not to listen to my favorite music — but to have it ready to turn on so I can block out the mostly obnoxious music from people who insist on blasting their music in what is often a very crowded commuter train.

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Different Prices for iTunes Based on User Country

Thinking about breaking down and purchasing a few songs via iTunes. However, haven’t done it yet as with current conversion rates, the price for the same song via the UK store is more expensive than via the US store. Specially, the UK version is .79pence which is about $1.39. This seems most unfair since its the same damn song. So for now I’m at a standstill. Trying to figure someway around. I refuse to pay more just because I’m in the UK. I have tired to just use the US version with my US credit card but it keeps directing […]

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Props to My Employer

I haven’t written anything about my work life in a long long time for fear that anything I say, good or bad, might get me dooced. But I have to give props to my employer who gave everyone in the European operations an iPod Shuffle for Christmas. We got these at our kick off meeting held at the swanky Dorchester Hotel yesterday. So like the other 200+ people there, most pleased since I didn’t have one. Primarily because I rarely listen to my current collection of cds. Not because I don’t enjoy them, but because I’d rather listen to talk […]

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I don’t particularly understand Skype’s business model but I’m glad the service does exist because maybe now, family and friends (except Best Guy Friend) too cheap to call me via the telephone will be open to registering for this free service as we’ll be able to talk voice to voice via the computer.

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Flickr for the Book World

One of these days, I want to invent an application as cool as LibraryThings that allows book lovers such as myself to catalogue and tag the books in their collection online. What’s even cooler about the tool is that you can find users with similar collections and allow others to comment and make suggestions about other books you might consider reading. With that in mind, I’m going to sign up, even though I already catalogued my book collection earlier this summer using Intelliscanner. Perhaps now it will be easier to find a few more people in my neck of world […]

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