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The Dress

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming. I purchased this Jessica McClintock dress in peri-blue color to wear to my friend’s wedding in two weeks. I did not pay retail, but the price was still pretty steep. So, I might decide to take it back and wear something I already own. Particularly since it was recommended that I wear gray or silver or white shoes and I don’t already own any that color. According to the saleslady wearing black shoes, no matter how cute, just wouldn’t do the dress justice — and I kind of agree! Arrh, what’s a […]

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Bubble Bath Bridal Shower

Tis the season of weddings and so earlier tonight I went to a bubble bath themed bridal shower. I had fun and hopefully the bride to be did too. In shopping for her wedding, I’ve picked up a new hobby — that is, looking at the bridal registry for people I don’t know. I’ll just throw in some random name into the registry system at say William Sonoma and if I get a match, I’ll look to see what they items they have on the list. It offers an insight into what people are buying these days and it’s also […]

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Baton Show Lounge

I saw my first drag show last night. It was at the Baton Show Lounge. My gal pals and I had front row seats to all the action and so it make things quite interesting. Truth be told, I kept looking at their crotch, to see if I could see a bulge, but nothing. They all looked beautiful in their various diva outfits and quite a few worked the stage that I couldn’t help but hand over dollars tips to a few of the girls. Thinking it would be the perfect place for a bachelorette party.

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The food is cooked, so now just waiting for my dinner guests to arrive. Here’s hoping that if they drove, they won’t have to drive around too long looking for parking. It’s been know to take 30+minutes to find a spot in my neighborhood. Sometimes longer. I have friends who won’t visit because of the parking situation. Arrh, the joys of urban living!

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I Need A Nap

I am so tired, that after this work day ends, I might just go straight to bed. Tuesday night I had dinner and drinks with a former colleague who was visiting from New York. Last night I had drinks with some people on my sales team. Now tonight I have my alumni association annual meeting. Even though I’ve already paid, I might not go. Then again, maybe I will. The guest speaker will be the General Counsel for the University of Michigan. He played an integral role in defending the University’s affirmation action program so I’m sure his talk will […]

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