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Pissed Off

So called family and friends sometimes treat me like an ATM. They are always looking to make a withdrawal but never make any deposits. This is pissing me off to no end. Thus from now on the f#$king bank is closed.

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No Turkey For Me

I was suppose to host a Thanksgiving theme dinner party on Sunday for about 12 people. But my co-host convinced me to call it off because I’m still suffering from acute bronchitis. Now I’m feeling a lot better and feeling really depressed about canceling. Granted I was a bit stressed about the whole thing as I had no energy to shop and I was worried about how everything would fit into my tiny British oven, but I really was looking forward to playing host. Oh well! There is always next year.

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My Wild Friend

So I email a friend I haven’t spoken with in a while and ask him what’s going on in his life. He writes back, “oh nothing much exciting happening except for an incredibly hot 7-person orgy….” Arrh, excuse me! 7-person orgy? Goodness! I had no idea that people (especially my friend) still did those sorts of things. Personally, 7 is a bit much, but hey, live and let live.

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Riches de Neuvo

Stay away from neuvo rich people who talk excessively about their money. It’s just vulgar. And no, it’s not because I’m jealous. There just really is no need to start every sentence alluding to ones wealth or lack thereof for that matter. Call me pretentious, but its just not good manners.

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Best Friends

Since arriving in London about 18 months ago, I’ve developed a few friendships, but none at the level of “best friend” status. Not surprising really, since I’m very cautious when it comes to opening up about my self. Now I know I do it here, but this is an edited version of my real life. There are many things I still keep private. Truth be told, outside of my older sister and my best guy friend, I don’t think I have any true confidants. And since both are in the US, there are alot of things I just keep to […]

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