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Feast or Famine

Tonight I’ve got three holiday parties to attend. The first is a dinner party being hosted by a friend I met at Fourth Presbyterian Church . The other two are hosted by friends of another friend. It should be interesting to see if I really make it to all three. I’m so tired already. Gosh and it’s not even Christmas yet. Hmm, why do the holidays have to be so jammed packed? I like all the social events; I just wish they were spread out more. Come February, I’ll have nothing exciting to do. But hey, who’s complaining? NOT ME!!

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A Noteworthy Birthday

Today is my Best Guy Friend’s birthday. We met my senior year at the University of Michigan. What began 10 years ago as a romantic liaison has developed into a wonderful platonic friendship. It hasn’t always been easy at times to be his friend, but our commonality keeps us close. Outside of my family, he is one of the few people in my life that I want to know when I’m old and gray. Strange but true. Strange because to know our complete history one would ask: why still be friends? But the thing that comes back to me time […]

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