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Outdoor Dining In London

In you are in London this summer and looking for a place to have lunch/dinner while enjoying a spectacular view of the city, then consider OXO Tower Brasserie. I had dinner there last night with colleagues and was quite impressed with the food and general atmosphere. Plus the view was incredible, particularly with the sun setting. Another good option for outdoor dining high up, is Coq D’Argent. I’ve have lunch and dinner there on several occasions, and so if you are budget conscious like myself, the more economical time to go is at lunch. Either way, the roof garden with […]

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World Cup Mania

The Oreo cookies that were to be a reward at the end of June for sticking to my new healthy eating/work out routine are gone. I ate them today. I needed to self medicate and as we all know that food is my drug of choice, I couldn’t resist. They were rather tasty, but after they were gone, I felt guilty and also upset with myself because long after the temporary high leaves, I’ll still be obsessing about the calories that I need to burn to get back to where I was yesterday. Plus now that the taste of junk […]

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I’ve Got Cookies: Oreo Cookies!

Thanks to a work colleague, Shasta and Carlos who both offered, no longer need to ship me Oreo cookies from the US. Sainsbury’s the grocery store I shop at, does indeed carry them, its just that the one in Wimbledon doesn’t for some reason. Either way, despite the fact that they have been in my possession for 8 hours, I have yet to have a single cookie. I decided to save them as a treat to be eaten in a months time, when I’ll be well on my way to loosing the weight I’ve gained since moving over here. As […]

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For a month now, I’ve been craving Oreo Cookies. Why? I have no idea since I didn’t particularly eat that many when I was back in the US. However, the cravings came on strong shortly before I got sick with acute bronchitis and ever since then; I’ve been on a search to find them. Unfortunately, none of the major grocery stores in my area carry the cookies. So I broke down and emailed Nabisco, thinking surely the British import everything else that is good from America, so Oreo cookies have got to be in the mix. Below is the timely […]

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£85 Sandwich

Only in London would a retailer think there be a market for a £85 ($148 US) sandwich. Now I love Selfridges Department Store, but this makes them seem even more out of touch and exclusive than they really are or should desire to be. Most expensive sandwich in London goes on sale Monday, 10th April 2006, 17:54 LIFE STYLE EXTRA (UK) – London’s most expensive sandwich went on sale at Selfridges today and at £85 and 2,000 Calories it promised to lighten pockets and expand waistlines. The McDonald Sandwich is the brainchild of Selfridges chef Scott McDonald, who said the […]

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