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Giving Thanks

I felt a bit melancholy on Thanksgiving. I suppose I am missing America and the various festivities at this time of year. Of course, if I am being really honest with myself, I would admit that I would probably feel this way even if I was still living in Chicago. Mainly because after my Mom died in 1994, Thanksgiving and Christmas have never really been the same and this time of year is really hard for me. I often feel lonelier than I do the other months. That said, I do still miss celebrating Thanksgiving. Here in London, it was […]

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Cooking A Turkey Frozen

Yesterday I spoke with an Australian colleague who now lives in Chicago who is going to celebrate her first Thanksgiving. She indicated that she wasn’t going to defrost the turkey but cook it frozen. Has anyone heard of this? I told her she needed to call butterball for advice, but I’m just curious if anyone has cooked a turkey this way.

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No Turkey For Me

I was suppose to host a Thanksgiving theme dinner party on Sunday for about 12 people. But my co-host convinced me to call it off because I’m still suffering from acute bronchitis. Now I’m feeling a lot better and feeling really depressed about canceling. Granted I was a bit stressed about the whole thing as I had no energy to shop and I was worried about how everything would fit into my tiny British oven, but I really was looking forward to playing host. Oh well! There is always next year.

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Size Zero Models

I’m not a fashionista, so I normally don’t pay attention to Fashion Week. However because of the controversy surrounding size zero models walking the catwalks this week in London, I have been paying attention. Mostly to see for myself what all the fuss is about. And from the pictures I’ve seen so far, let me just say that I’m shocked at the thinness of some of the models. Goodness! Some look like famine refugees. Now, I’m not hating on models for being skinny. Heck, I’m currently in the middle of a struggle to get rid of some of the weight […]

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Taste of London

Taste of London looks inviting as I would get the chance to sample cuisine from some of the top restaurants in London — however, I am slightly turned off as in addition to purchasing tickets to sample the food (no problem there), I have to pay £15 (roughly $28) entrance fee. Thinking the organizers need to follow Taste of Chicago’s lead and make the entrance to the event free. End result would be more people attending to sample the food which I’m sure would make the restaurateurs happy! Particularly since people like myself are likely to become patrons of a […]

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