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Full Moon in Daylight

After walking over 100 miles during the 21 day Fitness Challenge and then a further 12+ miles during the PunchBowl Hike, decided to take a few days off. Then this morning (around 7am), on my first day back out walking, I saw the most amazing sight. Specifically, […]

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Fitness Challenge: Success

104.89 miles walked and 11,497 calories burned. So WELL DONE ME for successfully completing the Fitness Challenge which involved walking for on average an hour every day for the last 21 days! You can check out even more amazing stats via my RunKeeper account!

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Cooking Challenge

Since I started the fitness challenge over two weeks ago, I’ve walked over 70 miles and will most likely walk over 100 miles by the time the challenge concludes. So quite pleased with myself for pushing through even on days where my heart and oh yeah my […]

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Gravity Defying Leaf

I take a lot of pictures while out on my daily walks. It keeps things interesting. Below is one of the pictures taken this morning of a leaf defying gravity that totally stopped me in my tracks. I have no idea what was holding the leaf up […]

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Weak Knees

My fitness challenge is going well. Since starting on Saturday, I have walked approximately 26 miles. However, getting a bit concerned as my right knee is feeling a bit weak. So need to build leg strength. That involves building in time after my morning walk to put […]

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