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Not Really An Orphan

I need to let go of some of the hurt from my past so I reached out to my dad earlier today. It was the first time I had spoken to him in over 20 years. We did communication through my mother back in 1992 when I was graduating from Michigan but when he decided not to come after making a big hoopla about being there, I gave up on him and all contact went through my older sister. In any event, the conversation, was really weird. Mainly because he sounded really old and a fraction of his former arrogant […]

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Still Shy…

Much better….my head is starting to fit my body!

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Embarassing Baby Picture

I have very few pictures of me when I was a little. Here is one I found in my aunt Nenen’s photo album. With my big head and short hair, it’s almost too embarassing for words! But I don’t care. I’m posting it anyway.

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Mom’s Final Resting Place

When my mother knew her days were numbered, she told me she wanted to go home. I immediately knew that she wasn’t talking about leaving the hospital for our house in Boston, she was talking about Montserrat. I got her out of the hospital but she died before I could bring her back to Montserrat alive. In any event, this is where she is buried and so I visited her grave today. For a while I stood at a distance and cried my eyes out. I always knew the day would come when I would bury my mother, I just […]

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I long for the day when blood will be thicker than water. I long for the day when I can ask a favor of a family member and they’ll actually follow through. I long for the day when I’ll no longer cry myself to sleep because the one family member I thought I could count on, no longer ignores my phone calls and emails.

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