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If I had no more time…

Ever since my Mom’s death 14 years ago, I no longer get weepy over celebrity deaths. Yes, I feel for their families, but there are lots of wonderful people who die every day who despite their greatness aren’t getting wall to wall coverage after their death. Now I don’t begrudge the celebrities or their families for this coverage, I’ve just gained perspective. Meaning, if you love or really admire someone, best to tell them or make a public declaration when they are alive — and Alicia Key’s song Like You’ll Never See Me Again brings that point home. That said, […]

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Family Matters

I had a proper forty-five minute conversation with my father last Saturday. I had spoken to him briefly earlier this year but was left under whelmed by our first direct contact in over twenty years. Due to my anger with how he treated our family when I was much younger, contact over the years has always been through intermediaries – my mother when she was alive and later my elder sister. So while in Hyde Park waiting for Panorama – the UK’s national steel band competition to start, I decided to call him again. What possessed me, I’ll never really […]

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Changes and More Changes

With my 2 year anniversary in London fast approaching, about a month ago I decided to kick things up a bit. Specifically, I’ve been spending more time out after work and on the weekends being social. I also decided to try and exercise more and not drink alcohol. Now I’m not a big alcohol drinker to begin with (I’ve only been throw up drunk once in my life), but in that drinking in a big part of the English culture, I’ve finding it a bit hard. Mainly because people just don’t go out for 1 drink, they have several. And […]

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I picked up my iPod today for the first time in months. Now Madonna’s Sorry is on serious replay. Mainly because it touched a cord. But while the song focuses on not wanting to hear sorry, can’t help but reflect on the fact that there are people (family members and friends) out there who need to say sorry to me for some of their recent actions. However not holding breath that this will happen anytime in the near future. Oh well! Live and learn. Sorry by Madonna Je suis désolé Lo siento Ik ben droevig Sono spiacente Perdóname I’ve heard […]

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An Admission

I am starved for attention and affection but not necessarily from the opposite sex. At this stage, moreso from family and friends. To make that happen, I suppose I need to try harder. Let people know that I really care about them. Perhaps then, they’ll start to care more about me.

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