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We Read What We Sow

I am once again on the beautiful island of Montserrat. I am here for a family reunion. I am the only one of my mother’s children to show. Heck, I almost didn’t. But I came out of memory for my mom, also because I told my dear great aunty Dorothy that I would. She is 91 years old and so I didn’t want to disappoint her. I also came as I view this as a last ditch effort to salvage relations with the rest of family. The fact of the matter is that since mom died, I’ve been somewhat distant […]

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Speaking Your Truth

The thing I’ve come to realise after losing a parent at way too young an age, is the importance of being authentic and speaking your truth even if others — particularly elder members of the family – will be uncomfortable and defensive with what you have to say! Self editing because tradition dictates the need to be reverent to those more senior isn’t good for anyone in the long run.

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Tarot Reading

As part of my new job which I’ll talk about in a later post, I’ve been attending quite a few tradeshows. At a recent one: The Vitality Show, I managed to sneak in a psychic reading with Beatrice Elder! Below is a picture of a few of the cards that came up in quick succession. Now won’t go into details, but her analysis was very interesting!

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I met my father for the first time in twenty something years on 1st May. Below is my journal during and shortly after the trip. Saturday, 1st May @ 7:30am The hour draws near. I am filled with anticipation; also dread and fear. Is he going to be the man I remember? Or the newly created vision in my head: someone old, weak and near death! Whatever awaits me, I am nervous. 26 years is a long time not to see one of the two people responsible for your birth. Will I easily forgive him or will I resent him? […]

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Dear Prudence

What is it with old people who say the most inappropriate things? Case in point, the first thing out of my eldest Aunt’s mouth — who I haven’t seen in over two years and who I must host for an entire weekend – relates to my weight. Now I could have made some sharky comments back, but out of difference to my elders, I said nothing. Now I wish I hadn’t shown such restraint. Her comment was just downright rude.

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