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Marketing Takes Time

An important reminder for any new business owner: marketing can only succeed if time and energy are devoted to it regularly. Thomas Smith, a London based advertising executive put together the following list in 1885 to illustrate the point: The 1st time a man looks at an advertisement, he does not see it. The 2nd time, he does not notice it. The 3rd time, he is conscious of its existence. The 4th time, he faintly remembers having seen it before. The 5th time, he reads it. The 6th time, he turns up his nose at it. The 7th time, he […]

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Attitude Makes All The Difference

Wise words from Zig Ziglar:

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Winning Lessons of the Obama Campaign

A few weeks ago on the train from London to Manchester, I read: Barack, Inc.: Winning Business Lessons of the Obama Campaign by Barry Libert and Rick Faulk. This book was a gift from a new business owner for “my assistance and support through a life changing decision” — giving up his corporate job in the city and becoming a business owner through franchising! Barack, Inc. outlines some key lessons that business leaders can learn from President Barack Obama’s improbable victory. These include: 1. Be Cool: The indispensable quality of a leader whose decisions and actions can change people lives […]

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What Makes a Winner?

Last month, I attended the CREATE your Future Conference organised by Women Unlimited. The event was focused on providing inspiration as well as practical knowledge and skills that women business owners could use straight away in business and life. One of the entrepreneurs that presented was Julie Meyer CEO of Ariadne Capital. I was really looking forward to her speech as I’d watched a video interview she’d given at and was curious to learn more about the woman who a decade ago co-founded networking group First Tuesday which was sold in 2000 for £33 million. Julie didn’t disappoint. She […]

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Robert Cole’s article in the 17th February edition of the London Times has a great list and of the most common phrases to have cropped up over the last year related to the economy/financial crisis. More importantly, he offers definitions so one can speak intelligently while blaming the banks — and oh yeah, those terrible bankers for today’s current global crisis. Bad bank A financial institution, or part of one, that looks after a bucket of debts that may turn sour. Strictly speaking it is the loans, not the bank, that is bad. Good banks, and especially talented bankers, are […]

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