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Training Day

So last night as I was going to sleep, noticed that HBO was showing: Training Day. Thus, finally got a chance to see Denzel Washington’s Oscar winning performance. Found movie to be entertaining and action packed. But I’m not really sure I agree that his performance was actually Oscar worthy. Thinking the Academy Awards just trying to play catch up. Then again, maybe I’m just having a hard time with seeing him master the art of playing such a corrupt, cynical and thuggish police officer. Or maybe it’s due to the fact that I didn’t find certain parts of the […]

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I’m now booking for CBS Star Search (Not!)

Just got a bunch of bizarre comments about the CBS Star Search. I suppose it’s due to the fact that the show was just broadcast live and I’d made an entry about the show earlier this month. So I did a little research. It appears that my weblog is the second site that pops up if someone does a search via google for “cbs star search.” Strange. The official site isn’t even on the first results page. Amongst the comments was this one: “I would like to be a constant on star search I all was watch the new shows […]

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About Schmidt

As the long weekend came to a close last night, I went to the movies to see: About Schmidt. I could see why Jack Nicholson won the Golden Globe award for best performance by an actor in a motion picture (drama). He gave a great performance but the subject matter was depressing as hell. This movie is a dark comedy. Gosh, I hope when I get that old I’m not that miserable or lonely.

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Two Weeks Notice

Earlier this evening, I saw the movie Two Weeks Notice with a friend. Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. While I was prepared for the predictability of the plot, the movie became unbearable at times due to the lack of real chemistry between Hugh Grant’s and Sandra Bullock’s characters. Wish I had read the reviews before going. Oh well! My friend really wanted to see it. Thankfully we used two of the movie passes my older sister gave me for Christmas. So folks, save your money and wait for this movie to be on cable. Then again, don’t even waste your […]

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CBS Star Search

All of America must be trying to log in and vote on Star Search. I can’t get in. Oh well! The show is pretty cheesy anyway! 3/20/03 @ 9am; PEOPLE: THIS IS NOT A DISCUSION BOARD FOR CBS STAR SEARCH. THIS IS MY PERSONAL WEBLOG. FUTURE MESSAGES ABOUT WHO SHOULD WIN WILL BE DELETED.

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