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The Passion of Christ

Earlier tonight, I locked myself out of the apartment. I went downstairs to put in a couple loads of laundry and forget my keys. In that Choo-Choo couldn’t let me back in, I went looking for the building engineer. Thankfully he was around. I had to listen to him blab on for 30minutes about the goings on in the apartment building and neighborhood, but a small price to pay for locking myself out. In more important news, I went to see The Passion of Christ last Saturday. I didn’t write about it then, as I was unsure of my feeling […]

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2004 Oscar Predictions

Last year after seeing all of the movies nominated in the 14 major categories, I was only able to correctly predict winners for 6 categories. So this year, I thought I would take a different approach. Hey, why see all the films; I’ll just make my predictions based on buzz or lack thereof. I’m sure that’s what some of the Oscar voters do. So let’s see if I fair any better than last year. Below are my predictions. I reserve the right to change my predictions so long as the ceremony has not yet begun. Update: Of the 17 categories […]

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UniverSoul Circus

Forget the Ringling Brothers Circus. I want to check out the UniverSoul Circus when they stop in Chicago. Major bummer that I have to wait until late September. Based on the write-up in February 23rd issue of Newsweek, its sounds like the only black owned-and-operated traveling circus, puts on a great performance.

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John Burke

I have a major crush on John Burke. He first came to my attention many years back when he was one of the on air personalities at Personal FX: The Collectibles Show. I don’t really like his new gig, but at least I get to see him on a regular basis again.

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The Dreamers

Out shopping for shoes I didn’t really need, decided to take a detour to the movies. Ended up seeing: The Dreamers. Can’t say I really recommend as the whole thing was somewhat pretentious and a bore. But, if you end up checking this movie out, be forewarned that there is a lot of nudity and sexual activity. I knew it was rated NC17, but was surprised by the numerous scenes showcasing both male and female genitalia. I suppose the movie also got the NC17 rating as there is a hint of incest between two siblings (boy and girl) who end […]

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