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Embracing Destiny

So one by one, the men in my life (really the dead weight) are dropping like flies. This is happening as I’m quite conscious of the fact that time is fluttering by, so I need to make room in my life for a potential new partner. Heck, I’m optimistic that this year (2012) will be the year I meet my life partner, my soulmate! Why? Well I went to this psychic last December and during the reading she so easily told me about specific events from my past, that when it came to her predictions for my future, I’m confident […]

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So I haven’t heard from RacquetballGuy; not a word since he cut the holiday short and left prematurely last October. Heck, he didn’t even call or send a text to say that he arrived safely back in Chicago. I’m not surprised. I did tell him that if he left without us really trying to sort matters, I wanted no contact. Enough was enough and I really meant it. In many ways, him being here had brought about the long desired closure I needed. Sure I had initially thought it would be a rekindling of our romance, but the reality is […]

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Real Love

Oh to find a man, a special man who looks at me the way President Obama looks at Michelle Obama.

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This Year

Dear LORD, please let the first line of poem below happen to ME!!! And oh yeah, maybe the last line too!!! I’m so ready!!!

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Strong Black Woman

Playing the strong black woman will keep you single.  Tell me something I don’t already know.

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