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Forty Two

Today I celebrate my forty-second birthday. This is significant as my mother died at this age. And so this age has been ingrained in my brain. I dreaded its arrival while at the same time I couldn’t wait to move beyond this number as in a weird way, I felt like I needed to reach this age before life could really begin. So can’t wait for it all to happen. While things have progressed, on the personal front (dating/relationships/family), they have also been at a standstill for the last decade or so. Shame really. But hey, no time like the […]

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Longing For The Future

I still think of SalsaMan and I’m totally annoyed by that. Irritated because he was only in my life for a short period of time so really – what is this longing? I don’t really think it’s for him personally but more what he represented. That being, the future filled with laughter, a wider circle of friends and an extended family. He came on strong offering all of that and much more and then snatched it back. How cruel. But annoyed as I am by the situation, I can’t bring myself to call him. Well actually, I can’t anymore because […]

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The Right Man

I don’t know what scared off SalsaMan. We spent almost a month chatting to one another via the dating site (yes – I met him online!) before communicating via the phone and then eventually meeting in person. But whatever it was that spooked him, it’s great that it happened early. As despite filling my heads with fantasies for the future, by his actions, he has clearly shown he wasn’t the one.

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Exactly three weeks ago, I went on the most amazing date with SalsaMan. So named as while he is quite passionate about family, friends and football (Arsenal), he also really enjoys salsa. For the date, we agreed to meet at Embankment Tube Station and as the weather was simply gorgeous we walked along the Thames River and talked and talked and talked. Almost at once, it felt natural and electric as we walked along eventually holding hands and admiring London’s beautiful skyline. The five hours we spent together – some of it at Tate Modern – simply flew by. I […]

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So last Saturday I went on a date. The first for the year — well really a few months. So how did I meet my date, now to be known as CollegeTutor? Well, via a Internet dating site. The fact is that I just don’t meet a lot of men as I go about my daily routine. Heck, men don’t even really flirt with me via Facebook where I have over 900 friends. The ones that have a crush, admire from afar. And so while a dating site is not ideal, I decided to throw it in the mix – […]

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