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Note to Self

Never call your best guy friend again in the middle of a cry storm. Not if it involves your feelings re failed romantic relationships. Oh he’ll be sympathetic all right, but not the way you want him to be. Partially because old history always comes up which while not completely bad, is never really good. Also, when already in a funk, do not read books like Man and Boy by Tony Parson. Oh sure its a brilliant read, that made you laugh out loud at various parts but other parts also made you cry even harder. Also, don’t go see […]

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Thought of the Day: Stop making promises you don’t intend to keep. What I need more than anything at this time is for you to be completely honest and to set realistic expectations. Telling me what you think I want to hear only breaks my heart even more when you don’t deliver.

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Responding to Comments re Advice from A Reader

I keep getting an error message when I tried and respond to the comments left under Advice from a Reader entry, so I’ll post here: Toonces: Stop fantasying. I’m still 100% heterosexual. Not switching teams. Not even for a minute. But I have to confess that there is a racial angle to this saga. Part of me was turned off because ITGuy was black. I didn’t want to mention it before because I felt terrible, but it’s true. Oh I was attracted to him physically (he was tall and really good looking), but I couldn’t help but see RacquetballGuy and […]

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Advice from A Reader

I’m wondering how many of my readers agree with the following email send to me: …I kinda feel like you should be giving IT guy a chance. Here’s why. Back in the day I dated the wrong girl for the wrong reason for far too long and it left me with similar baggage. Then one day my aquaintance Sam (name changed) from the liquor store asked me what was upo so I told him and he said “Harry (name changed), I want to give you permission for that whole think to not be working out and for you to let […]

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He Haunts Me

Last Wednesday came and went and no second date with ITGuy. Instead I went to a private shopping soiree at William Yeoward. I was totally relieved. Then Thursday, he sends a text message asking if I wanted to meet up on Friday. I didn’t respond. Then he sends another text message. I still didn’t answer. Then he phoned. I decided to answer but politely told him I’d call him back. After some thought, I decided just to send a text message back saying I didn’t want to go out with him again. Gave the somewhat lame excuse that I still […]

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