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From Breadcrumbs to Toast

I have not heard from Basherter since I laid into him in March. Perhaps he finally understands my position — when I’m done, I done. I had told this to him before we stopped speaking, but I suppose he never thought it would apply to him. After all, while unsaid for much of our friendship, I was madly in love with him. But no more. I knocked that out of my system like a bad cold. Besides getting rid of Basherter, as bonus, I’ve also gotten rid of his friend who continually phoned me to chitchat. This guy wasn’t much […]

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This past Wednesday was the 21st anniversary of my mother’s death. I know people say that it gets easier as the years go on, but for me it hasn’t– perhaps because our family unit hasn’t really recovered. To be exact, I am not on speaking terms with my younger sister. I made the decision a few years ago to distant myself from all her drama. Heck, to be honest, its one of the reasons I left Chicago. I just didn’t know how to be supportive without continually having to rescue her every time she got herself into a difficult situation. […]

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Come a Little Closer

For the last few months I can’t get Rihanna’s song Stay (feat. Mikky Ekko) out of head. Strangely, I’m not thinking about a particular guy when I hear this song. It’s more to do with the general desire to be in a committed relationship. I know this is natural, but I’d really like to be content with myself. Most days I am, but some days like today, I’m not as I’m starting to find it exhausting to go through life alone. Sure one can be self-sufficient, but it would be good to have someone around who provides unconditional love and […]

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Yet another Valentine’s Day finds me single and I’m really starting to question my decision to remain in London. The weather is less than glorious, it’s rather expensive so I can’t afford to live in my desired area Notting Hill and I’m eternally single. Granted I’m not the social butterfly I should be, but even when I’m out and about, I still don’t get approached. As for finding love online, well I probably should revisit, but previous attempts didn’t bring forth any decent suitors and so not excited about trying again. It’s all rather frustrating and I’m seriously questioning whether […]

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Turning Tables

Saying goodbye to Basherter took incredible strength and there are days when I just want to cave and reach out to him and take it all back. You know, be friends with him on his terms. But I stand firm because really, what has he got to offer me but more heartache? I love him with all my heart and he loves me back but in a confused sort of way that just brings heartache. So as Adele sings “time to turn the tables and not let him close enough to hurt me.”

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