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Transgendered Athletes in Professional Sports

If you were born a man and then had a sex change operation to become a woman, should you be allowed to compete at the professional level in women’s sports? I’d like to say yes, but thinking this person would have an unfair advantage. I’m pondering this issues as Outside Magazine has an interesting article in April 2004 issue (unfortunately not yet available online) about Michelle Dumaresq a Canadian transsexual athlete who was initially embraced but is now being shunned by other female competitors once she started winning some of the premier biking races. I should also note that in […]

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Cowards Indeed

I do not understand why terrorist fail to comprehend that whatever their cause, killing innocent civilians is not the way to go. Their actions were wrong re 9/11 and they were wrong re 3/11 in Madrid Spain. Here’s hoping that these cowards are soon found and brought to justice.

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Wardrobe Malfunction

Until today, I have not talked about Janet Jackson exposing her breast to the world during the half-time show at the Super Bowl last Sunday. Yet, people keep coming here and leaving comments. I wonder if they realize that they are commenting on a post I wrote about last year’s half-time show. Oh well. As for what I think about the whole ordeal, I think it was intentional and not a wardrobe malfunction. I also think others beyond Janet Jackson knew what was going on; yes even Justin Timberlake. He is not being real by pretending to be upset and […]

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Blame Canada

As someone who is on the Atkins Diets, I’m a little concerned about the beef supply here in this country. Each day, more and more tidbits come out about the cow with mad cow disease. It is my understanding that meat from said cow was sent to 8 different states. Who knew there was so much meat on one cow? As more evidence seeps out about the history of this cow, looks like we can thank our neighbors to the North. No they are not being made scapegoats, we really can Blame Canada.

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Where Were You When

My good friend Andrew over at American Idle, listed a number of high profile current events that happened over the last two decades and documented where he was when he learnt about each. I’m amazed that while I can be so forgetful at times, I remembered where I was for most of these events. Capture of Saddam – my apartment, Chicago, IL Death of Princess Di – my apartment, Chicago, IL OJ Verdict – restaurant downtown with a client, Chicago, IL OJ in Trouble (car chase) – at some awful play about JFK with best guy friend, Chicago, IL Start […]

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