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Ask before You Assume

Why do people (ok really colleagues) say Happy Easter when they don’t even know if you are a Christian? Granted I am, but I still think it shows a little insensitivity on their part to not find out first before leaping to what could be an incorrect assumption.

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Preachers and Porn

I know preachers are flawed human beings just like the rest of us, but I really don’t want to hear about their addiction to porn. Granted looking at porn sites can be destructive to the family unit and so therefore should be seriously dealt with, should my preacher be afflicted, I want him to seek appropriate counsel, but keep it quiet. Were it to be revealed to the entire congregation that my minister is addicted to porn, I just don’t think I could go back to hear him preach — I would consider him to hypocritical — too human. Does […]

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Say It Ain’t So

I never owned a radio flyer as a child — but I always wanted one. So sad to hear that product will now be manufactured in China. Radio Flyer to move production of wagons to China By The Associated Press March 30, 2004 — Radio Flyer Inc., maker of the little red wagon loved by generations of children, plans to move its manufacturing operation to China. The 87-year-old company said it would keep its headquarters and distribution business in Chicago but decided the Chicago plant where the metal wagons are built is too expensive to maintain. With the plant closing, […]

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Actors Pushing Products

When actors (i.e. Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, etc) do commercials for Asian & European markets, but don’t do them here in the US, I think they are trying to hide something. However, some would think they are merely trying to protect their movie star image with US audiences. Either way, it looks like more and more actors are starting to do commercials here in the US. Thus it will be interesting to see what impact if any it has on these actors’ careers and legacies.

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Comments left re “Men On Down Low” Post

Last August, I posted a Washington Post article about men on the down low. The comments left have made for interesting reading. It also makes me realize that there are more people out there dealing with this issue than I initially imagined. Sort of sad, but I suppose that is the new reality. May it never be mine. It’s one thing to date someone who is openly bisexual but when the other person is being deceptive, that’s unforgiveable.

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