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Something Is Just Not Right

Every time I hear the story about the Kansas woman accused of strangling a pregnant woman and slicing her open to steal the unborn infant I just want to cry. It’s such a strange sad troublesome story. What I find particularly troublesome is that the accused woman’s husband did not know that she was faking her pregnancy. I mean come on, didn’t he rub her stomach and try to talk to the baby or feel it move? Didn’t he see her in bed or in the shower and realize that her stomach was not getting bigger? Something is just not […]

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State of the World’s Mothers 2004

According to Save the Children’s fifth annual Mothers’ Index, the top 10 countries to be a mother are: 1. Sweden 2. Denmark 2. Finland 4. Austria 4. Netherlands 6. Norway 7. Australia 7. Canada 9. United Kingdom 10. United States Based on the indicators detailed below, how interesting that mothers in the United States barely make the top 10. Save the Children’s fifth annual Mothers’ Index compares the well-being of mothers and children in 119 countries. The Index uses six indicators measuring the status of women: lifetime risk of maternal mortality, use of modern contraception, births attended by trained personnel, […]

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NO Wheaties Box for Paul Hamm

Hamm Missing as Wheaties Honors Olympic Winners Mon Aug 30, 2004 11:20 AM ET CHICAGO (Reuters) – American gymnast Paul Hamm, who was asked to return his Olympic gold medal in the men’s all-around because of a scoring error, may have received another snub. General Mills Inc, the maker of Wheaties cereal, announced on Monday three U.S. Olympic champions will appear on millions of its iconic orange cereal boxes — but Hamm was not among them. Traditionally a launching pad for lucrative commercial endorsement deals, Wheaties boxes will feature record-breaking swimmer Michael Phelps, female gymnastics all-around champion Carly Patterson, and […]

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All sexual assault allegations should be taken seriously. But one recent high profile case baffles me. The alleged victim Audra Soulias went on to have a six month relationship with William Kennedy Smith the person she is accusing of raping her. This makes no sense to me. Audra was an adult when the incident happened and even if she was fearful of loosing her job, to go on and have a relationship with the person who raped her is just plain weird. Update: News reports indicate that two other women who also worked ast the same organization recently settled sexual […]

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Fertility and the Freezer

According to recent Newsweek article, for $13,000 plus a $500 annual storage fee, women can now freeze their eggs for later use at a company called Extend Fertility. Sure it’s a bit expensive and not 100% guaranteed, but it’s still worthy of consideration as so many women like myself are choosing to delay starting a family.

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