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Hurricane Katrina

My heart breaks for the people currently Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Louisiana who are affected by hurricane Katrina — especially those in New Orleans. Having vacationed there during the summer of 2004, I fell in love with the city. Thus it sadness me to no end to know that all those historic buildings and beautiful homes may be damaged beyond repair. It grieves me to think that all those fine restaurants and fabulous jazz/blues places are no more. More importantly, it upsets me to wake up to the reality that America, the only real superpower left in the world, […]

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Peter Jennings

I didn’t watch Peter Jennings much growing up as I was more a fan of the CBS Nightly News with Dan Rather. But I was always impressed when I flipped the channel over to ABC and saw Jennings in the broadcast chair. As such, I am really saddened to hear of his death due to lung cancer. Jennings achieved much in his life, but I know he could have done more had he lived. So I will pray for his family during what I’m sure is a really difficult time. I also pray for those close to me (two people […]

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Class in America

England is a classed based society and having recently read Kate Fox’s brilliant book titled: Watching the English I am becoming more aware of all the nuisances in this sort of society. So it has been interesting to read the recent articles published by the New York Times on class in America. As the articles make plainly clear, ones class in American society is based on education, occupation, income and wealth. In addition, it is possible to move up the class ladder. Oh sure there is tension between old and new money, but being Nuevo rich is not such a […]

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Jackson Acquittal

I am not going to begrudge Michael Jackson for his acquittal in the child molestation case as I strongly believe in the American judicial system. It is perhaps the best in the world. But one has to question the jury’s judgement to acquit this man on all counts. Something just does not seem right and I’m not buying the argument that they had doubts about the victim’s mother’s testimony. What about the victim? Where is the justice? I grew up adoring Michael but based on the entirety of the evidence and previous allegations/payoffs, I was sure he was guilty this […]

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Mass Graves

So when I’m not watching all the crazy movies I’ve rented, my eyes have been glued to CNN (and even FOX) to get the latest news re the tsunami situation. It all seems so unreal — particularly as the number of people who died continues to climb. Even with the pictures of hundreds of bodies lined up, 80,000 just seems like a totally unreal number. It is all so upsetting. Yet I can’t draw myself away because I’m getting angry at how the bodies are being treated. I know I shouldn’t judge, because I’m not there and don’t fully understand […]

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