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$345,000 Car

Why does anyone need to buy/own/drive a $345,000 car? Stephon Marbury a 7 year NBA veteran with the Phoenix Suns owns one. Earlier this evening, ABC UpClose did a news piece on him. Despite his problems, Stephon seems like a nice young man. But that car is a little excessive, even for an NBA player. Oh well! Hopefully, he has a good money manager. Not only does he take care of himself, but he also supports everyone in his immediate family (10+ people). Yikes!

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Top Ten Lists

It’s that time of year when everyone and their mama comes out with a Top 10 List. Here is a compilation from South Nox Budda.

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Show Me the Ticket….

It looks like only one ticket had the matching numbers for the $315 million Powerball lottery. Here’s wishing the winner the best of luck in managing the money. I think it’s kind of sad that most lottery winners are broke 10 years after hitting the jackpot. Personally, I’m against the lottery system. While it does do some good by providing funds for school, I think it preys on poor people and provides false hope.

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