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Delayed Vote

There might be a sliver of truth to the allegations that there was some sort of sexual misconduct by Rev. Gene Robinson. But I can’t help but find the last minute announcement as somewhat suspicious. Did the Episcopal Church not investigate and vet this guy before they nominated him to become the first openly gay bishop? His diocese in New Hampshire selected him and according to CNN article, “The House of Deputies — a body of clergy and lay members of the Episcopal Church — voted Sunday to approve Robinson’s candidacy.” I don’t want to discount the victim’s side (if […]

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The Art of War

Below is an excerpt from recent Slate article on situation in Liberia. Who knew that cross-dressing could be used in the art of war. According to the soldiers themselves, cross-dressing is a military mind game, a tactic that instills fear in their rivals. It also makes the soldiers feel more invincible. This belief is founded on a regional superstition which holds that soldiers can “confuse the enemy’s bullets” by assuming two identities simultaneously. Though the accoutrements and garb look bizarre to Western eyes, they are, in a sense, variations on the camouflage uniforms and face paint American soldiers use to […]

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Bob Hope’s Obituary Written by A Dead Man

In talking to my best guy friend earlier today, he told me that The New York Times had published an obituary on Bob Hope written in 1999 by Vincent Canby. The fact that the obituary was written long ago is not really usual, but what makes this story interesting is that The New York Times posted the article, even though Mr. Canby has been dead since 2000. Granted that not much has happened these last few years in Bob Hope’s life to really warrant an update, but come on. I guess dead men do tell tales. Bob Hope, Master of […]

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12 Killed in Porch Collapse

I’ve got to stop leaving my TV on at night. Time and time again, I keep waking up to horrible news like this. It’s sad to say, but I’m not really surprised by the accident which happened less than a mile from me. I myself have been on one too many of these overcrowded porches for a summer party. Heck, the dinner party I was at last night ended on the roof deck. Thankfully, those are alot more secure than these back porches which are usually poorly constructed. Oh I pray for the families of the dead. This is just […]

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Brother’s Keeper

Only in Boston could it be possible for one brother (Bill Bulger) to be president of a major university while the other (Whitey) is allegedly running the Boston mafia. Newsweek, June 30 issue — Bostonians follow the Bulgers like they’re “The Sopranos.” For decades, “good brother” Bill ran the Massachusetts Senate while “bad brother” Whitey ran Boston’s underworld. ONE PUSHED THROUGH legislation on child abuse while the other pushed out his Italian competition by becoming an FBI informant. Whitey was so wily that he made a de facto gang member out of his FBI handler, who was arrested in 1995 […]

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