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Winter Wonderland

I’m so excited!!! It’s snowing in Wimbledon. So can’t wait to see if it sticks. If it does, just might go to the park with my snow shoes to walk around. It’s so beautiful. Update (10:31am): It’s already stopped snowing. Damn!

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Thought of the Day: Avoid family members who are good at sucking any holiday joy out of you. That joy that took weeks/months to build up, can disappear in a minute by speaking to just one wrong person. Particularly, if they want to blame you for all their effing problems. Goodness!! I was so in a good mood.

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Home for the Holidays

Last night when I walked through the door, I was all set to go ahead with the trip to Rome. However, once I started packing, I began to feel tired and so I stop. I call the whole trip off. I’m disappointed in myself for not going, but thinking I’d be even more disappointed if I went there and didn’t get to do much. So leaving the Rome trip for next year. So instead of flying today, I lay on the couch and watched movies. This includes Ray and my all time favorite, Lawrence of Arabia. Later I plan to […]

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Department Store Holiday Windows

My enthusiasm for the coming holidays is not what it should be. This is despite the fact that I went through the trouble of getting Christmas cards specially made to send off to family and friends. Plus I even purchased and mailed off a few presents. So in an effort to bring about a bit more joyfulness into my life this holiday season, yesterday I decided to tear myself away from the Sunday Times and my latest Chick lit book (Elegance) to visit London’s most famous department store Harrods. I assumed their store windows would be lavishly decorated in a […]

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Merry Christmas

To family and friends far and near, here is wishing you all a Merry Christmas.

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