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Carpe Diem

Age saw two quiet children Go loving by at twilight, He knew not whether homeward, Or outward from the village, Or (chimes were ringing) churchward, He waited (they were strangers) Till they were out of hearing To bid them both be happy. “Be happy, happy, happy, And seize the day of pleasure.” The age-long theme is Age’s. ‘Twas Age imposed on poems Their gather-roses burden To warn against the danger That overtaken lovers From being overflooded With happiness should have it. And yet not know they have it. But bid life seize the present? It lives less in the present […]

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Paper Trail

I have decided not to dissect my relationship with Airport Guy via this blog. Mainly because I kept a paper journal during the relationship charting the many lows and highs. I did so as I was trying not to repeat the mistakes I made in relationship with Racquetball Guy. In the end, it was a review of the facts that got me to admit that things were not what they should be. So I suppose the paper journal served its purpose. What I will say about the relationship, is that living in different parts of the globe on different time […]

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Holiday Greetings

Here’s hoping that everyone who celebrates Christmas is having a good time. I know I am. Of course, visiting paradise makes it quite easy!

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Quote of the Month

Producer and Entreprenur Damon Dash when asked by London Lite Reporter Alistair Foster what he wanted for Christmas replied: I would like it if no one asked me for money. If that happened I would have a happy Chistmas. When I read Damon’s response, I said a few amens. Not to be a scrooge or anything, but the commercialization of Christmas has totally gotten out of hand.

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Harrods Christmas World

August has not yet ended, and Harrods launched its Christmas World department earlier this month. What the f@$K? I can’t believe that many people are actually wanting to think about Christmas at this time of year.

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