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Disaster preparedness for pets

Great advice for anyone out there with a pet. Disaster preparedness for pets Reuniting family members isn’t the only challenge By Jennifer Openshaw Last Update: 11:43 AM ET Sept. 13, 2005 Maybe the chances of a hurricane occurring in your city are slim. But responsible pet owners would be wise to take steps to reduce the chances of separation in the event of any disaster. Here are tips from the Animal Control Officers: Identity pet hotels. Make a list of “pet-friendly” hotels in case you need to temporarily relocate with your animals. Buddy up. Create a “buddy system” of reciprocal […]

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Showdown at Dusk

In a former life, my beloved Choo-Choo was a fighter and a dare devil. So enamored is he with the outdoors, that he recently jumped out of a window over 12 feet high to get outside. Plus, he also had a show down with another cat that entered his territory. He was successful in his defense but the situation was a little sad as the other cat looked like he just wanted a friend. But thinking Choo-Choo was being aggressive as the other cat was distracting him from his new hobby — munching on grass. Goodness! I hope he’s not […]

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Friday Cat Blogging

The Prince of the Manor.

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2X to get the US Equivalent in UK

Now that Choo-Choo is here, I can no longer delay getting a vacuum cleaner. Currently leaning towards getting a Dyson DC14 or 15 model as this is suppose to be top of the line for picking up animal hair. But I can’t bring myself to part with the £359 pounds needed to secure its purchase. For goodness sake, that’s almost $800 US dollars. In checking Targee, I see that one could get same model in the US for $459. This breaks my heart. Like almost everything else over here, it cost twice as much — and even when you account […]

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I am the warden

Choo-Choo has absolutely become infatuated with the outdoors. He has now taken to bolting out the apartment each afternoon when I come home from work. And in an effort to be accommodating, I stand outside as he explores. However, after about half an hour, I’m ready to go in and relax. He on the other hand wants to keep going. As such, I would leave him out in the small front garden on his own, but as the days went by, he got bolder and bolder and started to stray. When this happened, I would panic and start calling his […]

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