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Kitty Power!

Best Guy Friend barely beat out Choo-Choo for my best friends honor. I know some would think it’s strange but it’s true. I really like love my cat and I think most days he likes loves me too. Kitty power: A woman’s best friend Once seen as the preserve of the spinster class, felines have become young females’ pet of choice – prompting one cat-food brand to invest millions to win their business. By Guy Adams, The Independent, Published: 13 December 2006 Six hundred years after Dick Whittington, dogs may still command the honorific, “man’s best friend”, but they can […]

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So This Is It…

I have become the cat lady. I ask people about their spouses, children, etc. They ask me about my jet setting pampered pooch, Choo-Choo who has discovered and now demands as part of his evening meal, crack for cats, Purina Gourmet Pearl. At approximately £5 ($9.38US) for a package of 12 pouches, this stuff is not cheap. Lucky for him, I have a generous heart. Plus the whining I have to listen to if he doesn’t get it is almost too much to bear. It should be noted that I only starting buying this brand after the cheaper stuff that […]

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Frank and Louie

I can’t stop looking at this video of cat, named Frank and Louie. With two faces, he has a freakish but adorable look. So I know Choo-Choo would be just as captivated.

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Choo-Choo Snores

Ever since I got the new bed and put on the new comforter, Choo-Choo has been spending a great deal of time in my bed. As a result, I made a discovery. Choo-Choo snores. The first time it happened, I almost fell out of the bed laughing. I mean here is this 12lb cat that had the bed rattling. So I’m curious, does anyone else out there have a cat that snores? I’m assuming he’s ok heathwise, as I recently took him in for his annual physical and various vaccinations, but I just think it’s rather odd.

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Substitute Child Yes – Husband/Soul Mate No!

I love my cat Choo-Choo dearly, but dear God, let me never reach the point where I’d consider him to be a husband or a soul mate. A child maybe, but nothing more, nothing less. From the ‘Dog Whisperer,’ a Howl of Triumph New York Times, By EDWARD WYATT, Published: May 23, 2006 Working with Americans and their dogs, he said, “I was surprised and a little confused by what I saw.” Where he grew up, in Culiacan, Sinaloa, in Northwest Mexico, “everybody walks dogs,” Mr. Millan said during a recent visit to New York. “But where I am from, […]

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