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Choo-Choo on Strike

Choo-Choo has informed me (yes I speak Cat-ish) that he is on strike. From doing what I have no idea since all he does is sleep, eat, poo and run around chasing his own tail. In any event, said strike will continue until I go out and get his favorite treats — Pounce. If I do not, he will continue his non stop meowing to annoy the heck out of me. This will remain at a high pitch particularly when I’m trying to sleep. Can you believe this? Spoiled beyond belief. Oh, what was I thinking when I adopted him. […]

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Tipsy & Chatty

When I’m tipsy as I am now, I get chatty. Too bad no one is here for me to get chatty with. Too bad it’s too late to call a certain person. Maybe Choo-Choo will talk to me. Perhaps I can tell him about the brother/sister I almost adopted today when I went with a friend to The Anti-Cruelty Society. My friend, really coworker was adopting a cat. They had the cutest kittens there today. Choo-Choo will be most pleased to hear that no one will be moving in to claim a part of his domain but I was so […]

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Pet Stories

I found one thing that made me laugh tonight. Gotta love those crazy cats. Link via HanlonVision.

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Pictures From Pet Blogging Day

Choo-Choo and and about 20 other pets are featured today at The Daily Rant. Go check them out. They’re all so cute! Of course, Choo-Choo is the cutest. Hey, I’m his mommy!!!

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Choo-Choo’s Birthday

Choo-Choo turns 7 sometime this month. I’m not sure of the exact day, so every day this month will be his birthday. What this means is that he gets twice as many Pounce Treats each day.

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