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Henri, Le Chat Noir

I was checking out the SXSW 2014 schedule and came across a workshop titled Cat Cash: The Economy of Internet Cat Videos. Curious about the topic I then did a bit of googling including looking up the presenters one of them being Will Braden the creator of Henri Le Chat Noir. Now why I hadn’t discovered Heri before is beyond me but I’ve spent the last two hours watching his videos on repeat and laughing out loud. Not because they are your typical cat videos, but more so as they are so high brow. Heri bills himself as a feline […]

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Balloon Art

Oh to have talent like graphic designer Meghan Coleman who is working on a project to create 365 pieces of art using balloons. Below is her 112th creation: Cat. So adorable. You can see all of her creations via 365 Days of Balloons blog. By the way, I chose this one to feature as a nod to Choo-Choo. I miss him terrible.

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Gone But Not Forgotten

I have a confession. Choo-Choo, my beloved cat who I adopted from The Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago is no longer with me. He hasn’t been with for nearly two years. So why have I not revealed this? Well, let’s just say that I felt a great degree of embarrassment, shame and guilt for giving him up. He was my beloved companion for over a decade and I even went through the expense and hassle of bringing him to London with me. So what happened to bring our union to an end? Well really, he started having behavioural issues. Issues that […]

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Budding Boxing Olympian

My beloved Choo-Choo was in a fight a few weeks ago defending his territory (my garden!) and nearly lost sight in his right eye. Thankfully he has made a full recovery! And oh yeah, he kicked the other cats ass!

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Silver Egg

Picture below is of Choo-Choo laying a silver egg. Well not quite. He was just guarding one of the balls used to play Petanque (garden boules).

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