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Chicago, America’s Fattest City

I’m not surprised that Chicago now has the not so wanted distinction of being America’s fattest city. But I am surprised to learn that Baltimore is now America’s fittest city.

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Things to Do In Chicago

Out of sight and out of mind. That’s how I feel about Chicago sometimes. Not really a good thing as quite a few people are asking me for recommendations on what to do when on a possible visit to the Windy City. So for those of you sitll there, I’m looking for recommendations. Tell me what you would consider a must see/do for someone who is visiting for the first time. In the mean time, I have got to put together my own list of favorite places (restaurants, bars, Museums, etc.) before it all becomes a blur.

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Citizen ICAM

If you live in Chicago you might want to check out Citizen ICAM. It allows you to enter an address and then get a list of crimes reported (not necessarily confirmed) to the Chicago Police within a 1 mile radius of address within the last 14 days. Looking at the data could be somewhat scary, but thinking it’s better to be informed than have a false sense of security for your surroundings. Link uncovered via Gapers Block.

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One Night*One Cause

If you’re in Chicago on September 23rd, consider supporting this worthy cause. ONE NIGHT • ONE CAUSE BAR AIDS: Thursday, September 23, 2004 AIDSCARE is teaming up with Chicagoland bars and nightclubs for an evening of FUNdraising! On Thursday, September 23, 2004 participating bars and nightclubs will be donating a portion of their sales to help AIDSCARE – a 12 year old Chicago charity helping people living with HIV/AIDS achieve a higher quality of life through housing, care and support services. Helping is simple… Make plans to go out to a participating bar or nightclub on Thursday, September 23 and […]

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The Planes Are Coming!

The planes are coming! The planes are coming! I’m saying that as this weekend is the 46th Annual Chicago Air & Water Show and the planes are already whizzing over my building. It’s usually a treat to hear and watch them fly by, but I really wish they would wait until tomorrow afternoon to do their practice runs. Since they are flying so low, it’s difficult to carry on a conversation due to the intensity of the noise. Plus it’s all giving me the worst headache. Goodness!

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