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Things Chicagoans Say

I’m guilty of uttering a few of these cliché phrases back in my Chicago days. Heck, I still say a few of them now.

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Eastbourne Airshow 2011

Being at the Eastbourne International Airshow yesterday reminded me of being at the Chicago Air and Water Show along the lakefront! It also made me realise that while I am content with where I am now, I miss Chicago and perhaps shouldn’t have run away. Because really, […]

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Missing Chicago

When I read statements like the one below by actor James Ellis, I get really homesick for Chicago. Take Manhattan, glam it up, give it better shops and friendlier people, and you’ve got chit-town. Btw, for those of you still in Chicago, did you know the following? […]

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Chicago Schools Failing

The Chicago Public Schools spends hundreds of millions of dollars trying to educate children in the city, yet the schools continue to fail. How sad. OF 100 CHICAGO PUBLIC SCHOOL FRESHMEN, SIX WILL GET A COLLEGE DEGREE By Jodi S. Cohen and Darnell Little, Tribune staff reporters. […]

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Keep It Fields

I think it would be a real shame if Macy’s who recently purchased Marshall Fields were to go through with plan to phase out this strong regional brand name. For goodness sake, the original store on Chicago’s State Street has been serving customers since 1852. As such, […]

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