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100 Most Valuable Books

I am majorly bummed that I do not own any of the books below deemed to be the most valuable by this months issue of the Book and Magazine Collector magazine. Nonetheless, it does give me hope that a few of the signed first editions in my personal collection will be worth a great deal of money someday. Note: 1 US Dollar ($) currently equals .57 pence (£). What they’re worth: the top 100 list in full Values relate to first editions in very good condition Guardian, Thursday January 19, 2006 1) Ulysses by James Joyce (Shakespeare & Company, 1922), […]

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Being A Fuddy Dutty

I am currently being an old fuddy dutty. I say this because I can’t bring myself to buy anything at the itunes store to put on my ipod. I had planned on purchasing a few books, but to my dismay, the prices for the audio versions are no different that the price of a paper book. And for an avid book collector like myself, I’m only willing to spend the big bucks on the paper versions. So I guess I need to spend the time going through my 50+ CD collection. Its the only way I’m going to find material […]

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Lulu Titlescorer

According to Lulu Titlescorer, uncovered while reading Bookslut blog, should I launch a book with my blog title, Ursula’s Not So Secret History, it would have a 51.4% chance of being a bestselling title. This wasn’t the goal when I started this blog over three years ago, but I’d be willing to take my chances at some point in the future. Perhaps then, I might consider sharing my deepest darkest secrets.

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On Beauty by Zadie Smith

Congratulations to Zadie Smith who make the shortlist for 2005 Booker Prize. I had a lovely but abbreviated chat with her at a recent event where she read and signed copies this nominated book titled, On Beauty. While I can’t yet comment on the literay merits of On Beauty, I’m still hoping she wins as I’ve been a big fan since her first novel: White Teeth.

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Boy Toy Turns Out To Be Gay

Terry McMillian’s boy toy that inspired the book (and subsequent movie) titled: How Stella Got Her Groove Back turns out to be gay. Dear God! Say it isn’t so. After reading that book shortly after graduating from college in 1992, I wanted to run off to a Jamaican resort to find the man of my dreams. But I resisted the urge because Caribbean men are notorious womanizers. Plus I had no money and I was also optimistic that by the time I turned 40ish, I’d be happily married and have no need for a boy toy. But here I am, […]

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