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The Travel Bookshop

There is so much in London I’d like to do and see. However, time doesn’t always seem to be on my side. Or perhaps its more my thinking that I’ll be here for a while and so will eventually get around to doing everything on my checklist! One activity on my list that I need to get around to real fast is visiting The Travel Bookshop. Founded in 1979, the store came to prominence in the late 90s after being featured in the hit romantic comedy Notting Hill starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. This movie is partly to blame […]

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Free Range Porn

With much regret, I don’t read as many books for pleasure. I read a lot for work and then spend way more hours that I care to admit on various social media and news sites. Hours that really could be better spent engaging in one of my favourite pastimes – reading a good novel, autobiography or travel book. That said, earlier today I started reading: How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran. It’s her coming of age autobiography written from a modern feminist point of view. It’s funny as heck as well as thought provoking. In chapter one, she […]

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And Still I Rise

I never tire of listening to this poem by Dr. Maya Angelou. Truly inspirational!

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Why We Travel

Those of you who have been reading my blog for sometime will know that the title: Ursula’s No So Secret History is inspired by Paul Theroux’s book My Secret History. I don’t really have a secret life that no one knows about — I just want to document my personal history so that I could look back in time at my own growth and development. In any event, one of the things that totally captivated me about that book which is part based on Paul’s own life was his travel adventures. Sure I found his sexual exploits and treatment of […]

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Lying About Books

Surprised to hear that people lie so frequently about reading books. There really is no reason as one leaves themselves open to being found out quite easily. So my motto for this sort of thing, just be truthful!   What books have you lied about reading? Here’s a top ten. Sarah Ebner, 5 March 2009, London Times It happened to me recently. I was telling someone how much I had enjoyed reading Barack Obama’s Dreams From My Father and how it had changed my views of the current US President. The person I was talking to agreed with me that […]

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