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Happy New Year

I was trying to remember what I did last New Year’s Eve but my mind is a blank. I did look up my blog archives but as I hadn’t written about it, going to assume it wasn’t that memorable. This year won’t be any different. Choo-Choo and I are laying about waiting for the Chinese food I ordered to arrive. The plan then is to watch About A Boy on video. You would think I would do something else with my time since I saw two movies earlier today at theatre (21 Grams & Girl With a Pearl Earring), but […]

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The Hornet’s Nest

President Carter has written a new book. That’s not really surprising in that he’s written 17 other books since he left the White House. What is surprising is that this book is a novel. He’s the first President to write such a book. I haven’t read it, but the early reviews are positive. So maybe I’ll add it to my never ending list of books to read when it’s released on November 11th. Below is a description of the book as written on The Hornet’s Nest : A Novel of the Revolutionary War by Jimmy Carter. The first work […]

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Thank goodness the work week is over. I’m totally exhausted from it all. Work continues to be quite stressful, but we won’t talk about that now. Not after a lovely evening on the couch sipping peppermint tea and reading my latest chick-lit novel: Babyville. Oh if every night could be this relaxing. While it’s nice to be out with family friends living it up, nothing beats being at home quiet with my thoughts and a good book.

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Downloading Music

Apple announced last week that they have launched a Windows version of iTunes. Am I the only person out there who has not yet downloaded a song off the Internet? I don’t know why, but I have no real desire to download music. Maybe if it was books, I’d be more excited. But even then, not so sure as I like the way I feel when I’m holding a book in my hand and I’m turning the pages. Who knows, maybe one of these days I’ll download a song. For now, I’m in no hurry. Heck, I hardly listen to […]

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Overdosing on Chick-Lit

Reading chick-lit out loud to Choo-Choo which can be downright funny, is no fun. He just looks at me and wails. Thinking he wants me to stop reading books like Smart vs. Pretty which I finished yesterday, and Asking for Trouble which I’m already half-way through and move on to more serious literature. Not to be a book snob, but some of these books are no better than harlequin romance novels which I pride myself on not reading. In fact, I’ve never read a harlequin romance novel. Yet, I can’t tear myself away from this new wave of romance novels […]

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