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A public notice to Newsweek: Your UK edition sucks and as such, after my subscription runs out in 2007, I may not renew. This would be most unfortunate as I have been a loyal subscriber for 14+ years. So perhaps we can salvage the relationship. What is needed is for you to start by sending me the news magazine each week. No more two week editions. If it is content you lack, just send the US edition. That is what I want. Not the watered down UK/European version. If you do these two things perhaps we can look to celebrating […]

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SPSS domain

For a long time, someone would visit my site from the domain spss. But I haven’t seen that domain in my stats for sometime. So I wonder if the person changed jobs or simply got bored with my site. I had no idea who they were, but I felt assured when I saw the domain pop up in the stats on a regular basis. They were one of the early readers. I know this because once I started tracking stats, the company domain jumped out at me since I used the company software in college to do the analysis for […]

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Webmaster Wanted, Maybe.

Well, MT 3.14 is now fully loaded. However, my archives for the last 2 years are offline. This is due to the fact that after the initial upgrade, the comments feature wouldn’t work. With the large amount of spam in the database, things got corrupted. So MT had to be completely removed and then installed again. Now while importing; only the first 5 months are showing up. I suspect that has something to do with the fact that the file is huge. I’m trying to figure out how to parse so that I can import it all, but it’s just […]

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Pardon the Dusk

Pardon the dusk while I complete upgrade to latest version of MT. And oh yeah, Happy New Year too.

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Registration Now Required For Comments

Sorry to do this, but until I figure out the absolute best approach, you will now need to be registered via typekey to comment on my site. I currently have close to 9000 comments and about 3/4th of this is blog spam. I am in the process of removing, but I’m really sick of dealing with the problem. Such a shame that these spammers are trying to take away some of the joy of blogging.

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