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Google Adsense: What Not To Do

Apparently I’m an example of how not to use Google Adsense correctly. Currently trying not to get too pisses off as I did give the ok to use my site and his assessment is partly true. But I do wish the author had been more transparent about the fact that he intended to paint my usage in a negative light. Oh well! He did at least give me credit for putting the ads close to Choo-Choo’s picture. Update: I’ve make a few changes to my usage of Google Adsense. Most significant is adding some Google Ads above the fold; actually, […]

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3rd Blog Anniversary

This past Sunday, 11th December was the 3rd anniversary of the day I started to blog. As I reflect on how far I’ve come since I started, raw fear is still what I feel. Some days I want to share everything. Other days I want to share nothing. Moving forward, here’s hoping that I’ll be somewhere in the middle. I do so want to continue documenting my personal history…not just the good, but also the bad as well.

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Google Email Invites

Anyone out there still looking for a google email address? If so, send me an email. I’ve got 100 invites to give away.

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Plan B

I guess I shouldn’t quit my day job. Damn! My blog is worth $15,242.58.How much is your blog worth? Tool uncovered while stopping over at Business Opportunities Weblog which I came upon after reading this article at Slate.

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Comments From Unregistered Users

It has been brought to my attention that comments from unregistered users are being denied due to questionable content. I have no idea why that is as I haven’t changed my settings. As such, please consider registering with Typekey. It’s a free authentication service used by my blog as well as many other movabletype blogs. If you don’t want to register with typekey, feel free to send a private email to my blog email account until such time that I can figure out what the heck is going on. That email address is ursulabarzey [@] gmail [.] com.

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