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Internet Reputation

Further confirmation that what we say on our personal blogs can affect our future career prospects. Careless online talk can cost candidates jobs By Andrew Taylor, Employment Correspondent Published: March 28 2007 03:00 | Last updated: March 28 2007 03:00 Be careful what you write about yourself on personal blogs or on websites such as MySpace – it could cost you the job you always wanted. Potential employers, searching the web for personal information about job applicants, are likely to take a dim view of accounts of drunken nights at Spearmint Rhino or character assassinations of former managers, says a […]

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Bloggers With Book Deals

Sometimes I feel like I am the only blogger without a book deal. Of course, I know that’s ridiculous since there are millions of bloggers out there but still after 4 plus years of pouring my heart out, I am somewhat disappointed that no publisher deems me worthy. Oh wait, maybe not! The reality of the situation is that I am finding it more difficult these days to blog in obscurity so I know I wouldn’t want to deal with the pressure that comes with being a published blogger. Well that’s what I’m telling myself anyway. From The Sunday Times […]

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Country Share

I am pleased to see that my readership is diversifying. A year ago its was mostly Americans. Of course, not that there is anything wrong with that!

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The Business of Blogging

Chris Partridge, a reporter with the London Times thinks that vast majority of weblogs are rubbish. He might have a point. However, I’d like to think that my blog doesn’t fit into that category, but hey you never know. After almost 4 years, my readership is still somewhat low. Of course, I attribute this to the fact that besides the initial write-up in the Chicago Tribune, I have been a bit media shy when it comes to promoting my blog. Why? Well as I’ve alluded to before, in that I am blogging under my real name, I am conscious of […]

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If you left a comment on my blog that wasn’t posted, much apologies. I just realized that quite a few real comments were sitting in my junk folder. As such, I spent the last half hour going through the 3000+ plus comments in that folder and recovered about 10 real comments. Unfortunately, if your comment was left over 30 days ago, it may be lost. For that I apologize. Now that I know, I’ll be sure to check the junk folder more often. With that, so much for me getting a complex about the limited number of comments.

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