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One Month Anniversary

Exactly one month ago, I began my journey in blogland. So far I’ve shared a few stories. Here’s hoping I have the courage to share many more in the months and years ahead.

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My One Week Anniversary

It has been a week since I set up this site and starting writing this blog. According to the statistics provided by my hosting company, I’ve had 403 unique visitors. WOW!!! Of course, they then go on to tell me: “Be aware that measuring unique visitors is very inaccurate. Check the “Hits by unique IPs” statistical report for more information.” So I check the hits by unique IPs, and guess what, while the number is indeed lower, I still think it’s impressive. Total is 167 unique IPs. For only a week, I’m pleased. Of course, this now makes me start […]

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Dreaming about Blogland

I was so excited about setting up my blog last night that I woke up dreaming about blogland. Way cool! In the dream I was thinking about all these things I wanted to share. Only time will tell if I’m daring enough. Btw, here’s a blog from a friend of mine — his blog along with a few others inspired me to go ahead and get one set up. We met while working at a start-up that shall remain nameless. Talk about a roller coaster ride. Thankfully I was able to get off without too many bruises.

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