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My Blog Stock

Ok, this is some kind of joke. As of today 5/3/03 @ 2:16pm, my blog stock is ranked 12th on list of top 100 at blogshares. Share price is $41.12. Someone is clearly manipulating the system. During the beta period, my share price was never over a $1.00. Maybe someone just knows something I don’t. This almost makes up for me showing up at softball game this morning, only to find out that game has been cancelled due to poor field conditions. [Update 3:06pm]: Dropped to 14th place. Decided to sell the 1000 shares I was holding in my own […]

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A Positive Impact

Sometimes I wonder why I really blog. Oh sure I want to get things off my chest, but I think deep down I just really like the attention it brings me. Not all of it has been good, but some of the attention is so positive that it makes me want to keep this up for years to come. Earlier today I got an email from someone who tells me that they “really” appreciate what I’ve written about a particular subject. I’m pleased as can be. Sorry I can’t be more specific. I’m honoring their request to remain anonymous. 🙂

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Choo-Choo & his Teddy Bear

Isn’t he the cutest? I think so!!!!

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Picture Posting

A sure way to waste valuable time is for a novice like me to try and figure out the proper way to post pictures via MT. Oh sure, I can easily upload. What is hit or miss is getting the pictures to wrap correctly around the text. I am using the “align” image tag, but it doesn’t work all the time. Thinking it has something to do with the amount of text to wrap around the picture, but I’m not certain. So I think I need a tutor. Any volunteers? Then again, perhaps I should just go back to only […]

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Peg Pet Blogging Day

Stopped by Oliver’s blog and found out that The Daily Rant is hosting Pet Blogging Day on April 14th. Pictures no larger than 400 X 300 can be submitted for posting to by April 13th. There is some other information you need to provide, so go check out The Daily Rant. Now the search begins for the perfect cutest Choo-Choo picture.

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