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I’m going to have to think twice about giving product/company recommendations on this blog. I say this because I exchanged emails all day long with the CEO of a company that shall remain nameless who was trying to get me to remove one of my entries. According to him, one of his competitors was leaving negative feedback on my site and this was impacting his business as when you search for his company, my website pops up close to the top. While I didn’t have to comply which his wish, I decided to leave the post up but turn off […]

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Bored With Blogging

I’m bored with blogging. Well maybe bored is the wrong word. It’s just that my life and that of a few of my closest friends is changing, but I’m not comfortable writing about most things quite yet. So days go by and while I’ll write something, I won’t publish because there are more important things happening. Then I’ll feel guilty and so I publish the original post all the while feeling like I’m cheating myself and you my loyal readers out there. Arrh, what a vicious circle!! I do take comfort in the fact that most of the changes are […]

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You Think You Know

I started writing a detailed line by line response to a comment left about yesterday’s post, but I decided it wasn’t worth my energy. Instead I’ve chosen to just delete the person’s comment from the archives. I initially shied away from doing that as I’ve always welcomed feedback from readers. But there comes a point, when the feedback is simply too hurtful and without merit to let stand. So let me say again, just because you’ve read my blog for some time, don’t assume you know me – particularly if you have not spent any time with me in the […]

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Blog Etiquette

There are a few blogs on my blogroll that haven’t updated in a few months. Wondering, what do others consider a reasonable amount of time before removing them? Ideally, I’d like to let them stay, but in that my blogroll serves as a recommendation list to others, would prefer not to send people to outdated blogs. I know I could do whatever I please as it’s my blog, but I’m curious to learn what others are doing when blogs on their list have not been updated.

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I Confess

One of my favorite authors, Jennifer Weiner links to an article in The New York Observer which talks about the fact that many authors are addicted to checking the sales statistics for their books via According to the article’s author, some “writers will start spending minutes, hours—nay, days, weeks, months and years—tracking its {their books} progress on” I can totally sympathize. I check my sitemeter blog statistics anywhere from 3-5 times a day. That’s borderline addiction if you ask me and it’s sort of pathetic as my blog stats really don’t change much on a daily basis. But, […]

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