Darn Fibroids

This blog is about my not so secret history, but there are certain subjects that are still no go zones. One of these up until today has been my health. Sure I’ve documented my struggles with weight and even moaned about the occasional cold, but that was as far as I’ve gone. So for the last six years after being diagnosed with fibroids, I’ve suffered in silence. I figured they weren’t life threatening and so why be dramatic about them. Not only did I not share here, but I didn’t even tell any real world friends or family members until […]

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Going All In

About two weeks ago, I looked at my blog and shook my head because once again my postings had become sporadic. Mainly because my blogging time is being spent on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. And while there isn’t anything wrong with that, I shouldn’t be putting all my effort into those network; either for personal or even business reasons. Neither Facebook or Twitter were around when I started this blog twelve years ago. And granted they and others like Instragram and Pinterest are currently thriving, there are no guarantees that they’ll be around 10 years from now. What […]

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Happy 94th Birthday Nenen

My great aunt Dorothy aka Miss Emmie aka Nenen turns 94 years old today! So I called to wish her birthday greetings and she was as perky as ever so thanking God for her continued health and blessings. Long may her good fortune continue as she warms my heart like no one else can. We may be thousands of miles apart, but she is my rock, my source of strength. The person who continually reminds me that despite the challenges, I am blessed and I have much to be thankful for. I am eternally grateful. Pictured above is Nenen about […]

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Future Self

Yes! Yes! I’m all about doing things today that will make my future self happy. Post by Savvy Network Marketing Women. Related posts: Waverley Abbey Happy 94th Birthday Nenen

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Balloon Art

Oh to have talent like graphic designer Meghan Coleman who is working on a project to create 365 pieces of art using balloons. Below is her 112th creation: Cat. So adorable. You can see all of her creations via 365 Days of Balloons blog. By the way, I chose this one to feature as a nod to Choo-Choo. I miss him terrible. Related posts: Sunday Afternoon Random Thought Separation Frank and Louie My Beloved Choo-Choo

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