My new favourite show on the BBC is the Rev. I’ll explain in a seperate post but for now, just get acquainted: No related posts.

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I’ll Be Watching You

Post break-up, social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Flickr, etc all have the ability to turn you into a stalker. You don’t need to call, email, text or God forbid go around your ex partner’s house to know what’s happening in their lives — all you need to do is remain friends through these social media channel. This of course delays the healing process which is not ideal. As such, I have cut ties to MrFixIt Guy through these various channels. Perhaps in time we can become Facebook friends again, but for the time being its best to rid […]

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Facebook Status

I said I wasn’t going to dwell on matters related to MrFixIt Guy anymore, but something happened this evening together that makes me question the entire relationship. Here is a chronology of how things developed: 2008 We reconnect via Facebook and rekindle friendship via numerous chats, emails and phone calls. However, as we live in two different cities, we never meet. 2009 22 December: He confesses that he likes me in a romantic sense. I’m somewhat surprised, but then again, not really. 2010 1st May: We reconnected face to face at a BBQ in Birmingham 14th May: He visits me […]

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I met my father for the first time in twenty something years on 1st May. Below is my journal during and shortly after the trip. Saturday, 1st May @ 7:30am The hour draws near. I am filled with anticipation; also dread and fear. Is he going to be the man I remember? Or the newly created vision in my head: someone old, weak and near death! Whatever awaits me, I am nervous. 26 years is a long time not to see one of the two people responsible for your birth. Will I easily forgive him or will I resent him? […]

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Never Date the Gardener

I’ve been getting perspective from a male friend who knows MrFixItGuy about the situation. And before telling me he didn’t want to talk about MrFixItGuy anymore after one too many conversations on the matter, he said: “well the last thing I’m going to say about this is that it’s like falling in love with your gardener.” No I wasn’t in love with him, but I knew exactly what he meant. Sure we were childhood friends, but our adult lives were extremely different and our paths never would have crossed — not socially and definitely not professionally. He — MrFixItGuy — […]

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