CanadaGuy passed through London over the weekend and while I didn’t get a chance to see him, we spoke at length via the phone. One topic of conversation was Basherter. He actually knows him and had guessed his real identify based on a few snippets of information when I mentioned having a crush earlier this year. But in that I was trying to protect Basherter’s privacy, I denied that he had guessed correctly. That all changed yesterday as I really wanted to get a man’s perspective on the situation. So I apologised to CanadaGuy for misleading him and then spilled […]

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Love My Life

Despite the recent boy drama, anxiety due to London riots, etc. — I really love where I’m at on this journey called life. Sure there is opportunity for major improvement, but the promise to self is to live my life to the fullest. Tomorrow isn’t promised and I really have much to be thankful for! So no point sulking and feeling sorry for self. I am blessed! Related posts: Plan B Love Life State of My Love Life Love Gone Awry

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Eastbourne Airshow 2011

Being at the Eastbourne International Airshow yesterday reminded me of being at the Chicago Air and Water Show along the lakefront! It also made me realise that while I am content with where I am now, I miss Chicago and perhaps shouldn’t have run away. Because really, that’s what I did — run away from the problems and challenges I was facing then. So here now, when things are getting hot and heavy, vowing not to run away from London. I need to make every effort to sort things out here and now. Moving to another location, while very attractive, […]

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Before Friday, only two people knew Basherter’s true identity. My elder sister and ScandinaviaGuy. And ScandinaviaGuy only knew as after the situation with AirportGuy, I vowed that if I ever again starting communicating with someone from Montserrat who had romantic potential, I was going to ask at least one male friend about the person’s character. I perhaps would have told others, but Basherter is a private person and didn’t really want me talking about “us” with Montserrat people. In that it’s a small island and gossip does spread, I figured I would comply with the condition that if things got […]

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Ulterior Motives

After the drama with Basherter yesterday, it was good to have a day out at the Eastbourne Airshow with friends! But have to say that I’m now once again annoyed with the whole situation. Particularly as his status update now reads: “the giving of my friendship should not and will not be determined by an ulterior motive, it shall be true and without judgment.” I am assuming this was meant for me and as such it makes me furious because he appears to be suggesting that I had some hidden agenda with regards to our friendship. Now I won’t deny […]

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